Forex Brief can perform the following core functions for your company, as well as many additional befits and services:

  • • Risk management of your Forex liability.
  • • Development of an International Business strategy for your company requirements.
  • • Cost reduction through more competitive foreign exchange rates.
  • • Alleviate your administrative pressures
  • • Establishment of foreign currency options and the analysis thereof
  • • Arranging and management of offshore accounts
  • • Providing a comprehensive Letter of Credit service.
  • • Providing your company with a Foreign Exchange Policy.

Additional advice can be offered in these areas:

  • • Export/Import incentives
  • • Importation of capital goods
  • • Asset based financing
  • • Taxation and various benefits that can be achieved
  • • The use of offshore entities to improve onshore profits
  • • Obtaining trade finance in hard currency
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